I want to help, how can I do so?

At Kynd we meet great people willing to help out our cause constantly, you don’t always have to support us financially to help us in our endeavor. You can share us with your friends on social media sites. That goes a long way! We humbly appreciate and enjoy your enthusiasm to help spread the Kynd word, so please leave us some positive comments on our social media pages.

If you’re interested in helping out by becoming a Brand Ambassador or Sales Rep for Kynd, please contact us.

Does Kynd have a retail location l can visit?

No, but you can find us vending at tons of events every spring & summer. Follow us on social media for info & dates.

How stong are bamboo sunglasses? Will they break?

Bamboo is a strong material, so as long as you treat your sunglasses reasonably well, they should last you a long time. But please be careful not to twist or bend the sunglasses too much, and don’t sit on them – as these forces do increase the chance of frame failure (this is true of all sunglasses, regardless of material). And try to refrain from dropping them; bamboo is strong, but it is not as strong as plastic and dropping them can occasionally result in frame failure.

I broke my sunglasses but it’s been more than 30 days, what can I do?

Some breaks are repairable, if you think it can be fixed we recommend giving it a go. Or take it by your local optometrist and see what they can do. Sometimes you can extend the life of your sunglasses another year with just a drop of super glue in a cracked frame.

Your other options is to take part in our Recycling Program by recycling your broken pair for a sweet 50% discount on your next bamboo sunglasses! (See RECYCLING YOUR SUNGLASSES section above)
Unfortunately we are unable to repair or replace sunglasses for any reason after 30 days.

Can I send in my broken sunglasses to be fixed?

Unfortunately no, but you can take part in our fantastic Recycling Program {See RECYCLING YOUR SUNGLASSES section above).

Can l send in my sunglasses to have the lenses replaced if l want new or different lenses?

Unfortunately no, we do not replace lenses. You can take part in our fantastic Recycling Program (See RECYCLING YOUR SUNGLASSES section above), or you can check with your local optometrist and see if they can replace the lenses for you.

What are the best lenses for someone that goes to the beach a lot?

Our classic non-mirrored black & brown lenses tend to hold up the best over time around the ocean.

Bamboo and Hemp are amazing, Eco-friendly, and have so many uses, so why aren’t they more popular and widely used?!

What a great question, but unfortunately a sad realistic answer follows .. industries and lobbyist groups have much to gain by suppressing information and media coverage of these wonder plants. A quick look at some of the products that could be alternatively replaced by Bamboo & Hemp are fuel, timber, plastics, petrol-based synthetics, building materials, food, health supplements, metals, fabrics, etc. The list of products could go on and on, with over tens of thousands of daily applicable uses, many of them much superior and, of course, renewable!